Monday, September 10, 2007

VMAs 2007

UGH. I was really trying to refrain myself from writing about Britney Spears simply because almost every other website/radio/television show has covered her...yet I have my own comments to make. I'll say that I'm disappointed Britney didn't do too well. While I'm not a huge fan, especially of her erratic behavior, I think everyone should get a second chance to redeem themselves, and their careers, and I wish she had taken advantage of the evening. Anyway, more about the evening: Sarah Silverman...yech! Just no no no. I really disliked the routine. Why degrade your comedic talent and resort to referring to Britney's babies as "mistakes?" Children are the last thing one should judge when it comes to celebrities, they have no fault in their parent's actions or decisions. Justin Timberlake...I thank you for speaking your mind to MTV. PLEASE PLAY MORE VIDEOS. I liked Chris Brown's performance which had a Charlie Chaplin feel to it (I love it)...and that is pretty much all I saw. Work on making a better, less scandalous (I missed the Tommy Lee/Kid Rock fight!) awards show next year....and don't make it in Las Vegas again.

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