Monday, September 24, 2007

Season Finale

Noggin aired the season finale of South of Nowhere. This season of Nowere picked up from the aftermath of the shooting which occured last season. Season 3 featured heavy drama, showcasing Chelsea's struggle alone with her pregnancy after losing Clay as well as losing the baby. Aiden, who was also shot but survived, began experiencing constant nightmares of the night of the shooting. Spencer and Ashley split in the beginning of season 3 for their relationship became too complicated. Spencer sought comfort in new-girl Carmen but soon distanced herself after Carmen became abusive. Spencer's relationship with her mother also suffered as she learned that her mother had still not accepted her homosexuality or her relationship with Ashley. Madison and Aiden reunited, not as a couple again, but as friends with extra benefits or "crime fighters" as they liked to refer to their intercourse sessions. By the end of the season, Madison left and ended her "sessions" with Aiden, Chelsea became part of the group again, and Glen became Ashley and Kyla's security guard. Ashley managed to mend broken relationships with both Spencer's mother and Spencer herself. She convinced Spencer's mother to attend the Gay Pride event taking place and also reunited with Spencer herself. Looking forward to Season 4!

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