Saturday, September 1, 2007

A Model Life: Finale

Joel Wilkenfeld, Co-President of NEXT, and host Petra Nemcova revealed the girls' future with NEXT. After learning that her pictures were sent to London and approved, Michelle was told she would be leaving for London. Beatrice "Bea," learned she would be heading for Miami where they also liked her photos but it also reminded to respect people onset foremost. Tough girl Anjelika is also told she will not be staying in New York any longer. She will be sent to native California - but without a contract. She is sent home because of her know-it-all attitude. After being dismissed, you see an emotional side to her, previously unknown about her.

Valeria, Lucia and Abigail are informed they will be flying to the Bahamas for a final photo shoot. The shoot turns out to be a little challeging for the girls. For Abigail "Abi," her poses on the rocks are a bit awkward, but then again, who ever said standing on rocks and modeling would be easy? Valeria has trouble opening her eyes enough but there are no real complaints for Lucia "Lucy," except that she needs to learn her angles better, which Joel later discusses with Petra.

Back in New York, the remaining three (right) learn they will ALL get a $100,000 contract with NEXT. Also, Joanna Coles, Editor-in-Chief of Marie Claire, surprises the girls with news of their first editorial fashion spread and commends them for being good role models because they ACTUALLY eat. SWEET DEAL!

By the end of the show, through lots of crying and sadness, they say goodbye to Petra for the meantime, and to eachother before returning home to Australia, Slovakia and the U.K.

(Pictures availabe by: Lucy)

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