Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Original Proposal!

A couple in Boston recently became engaged after the groom-to-be, Aric Egmont, proposed to Jennie Bass in a....CROSSWORD PUZZLE?! The couple claim to be avid crossword puzzle lovers who often complete them together. Being something they love sharing, it was only appropritate for Aric to come up with this idea. He called up the editors of the Boston Globe and requested they do a puzzle which featured the line "Will You Marry Me Jennie?" In the latest issue of the Globe Sunday magazine, the crossword theme was "Popping the question" which featured a variety of proposals such as "Macrame artist's proposal" which was "Let's tie the knot." 35 Across was 16 letters for poker player's proposal "May I have your hand?" while others included Jennie's sisters name and her best friend's name which she originally thought of as just coincidence. Then came 111 across, whose clue read "Generic proposal" (Jen + Aric = generic). The answer was "Will you marry me?" 116 across read "Winston's [Churchill] mother" and the answer was "Jennie." Her answer was a Down clue beginning with the "Y" in "Marry" - YES.
(Source: Aol News)

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