Thursday, August 2, 2007

Zooey Deschanel in Jane Magazine

So a co-worker of my moms knows I indulge in magazines so every month, when she receives an issue from one of her subscriptions that she's not into, she passes them on to me. Sure, I sometimes get them a month late, but I'm not complaining about a kind hand-me-down. Anyway, I've probably only read two issues of Jane Magazine in my entire life, but this new one she handed down caught my eye. Zooey Deschanel, who graced the June/July cover, opened up in the article about her fetish to buy and attempt to fit into little girls clothing and describes this as her "party trick." However, for the photo shoot, she was not wearing such clothing. In fact, her wardrobe for the shoot is what this blog is about. Here are a few pics from the magazine:

(Zooey with the tube: Sonia Rykiel dress $915; Chanel Bow $555; M&J Trimmings ribbon $2/yard)

(To the far left: Prada top $1,195; Chanel bow $555; Pomellato Lola Collection Ring $2, 915)

(Above: Southpaw Vintage swimsuit; Louis Vuitton 'Ode' sunglasses $600)

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