Wednesday, January 23, 2008

R.I.P Heath

As most of you know by now, Heath Andrew Ledger died in his NY apartment in the afternoon of January 22, 2008. While his death is ruled as uncertain at this point, foul play and heavy narcotics have been ruled out as causes of death. I first heard of this news from my sister as I was on my way home from a trip. I didn't want to sound crazy and start crying over a celebrity I never met nor ever came close to meeting. Instead I waited until I got home, roughly six hours later to cry in private. Heath was in my top five favorite actors, not solely for his good looks but more importantly for his immense talent. I know people die everyday but we often immortalize celebrities and never think of their passing. Ledger passed away too soon, at the tender age of 28. His future in the business was bright, no, bursting with promise. It's a big loss for the movie industry but worst of all is the loss experienced by Michelle Williams, Matilda (his and Michelle's young daughter) and other family. My mom went through a similar tragedy. Her first husband passed away before she even gave birth to my eldest sister. She raised her alone for 12 years before meeting my father. I only hope Michelle is surrounded by close family and friends during this difficult time. Some may deem it strange for a fan to mourn the loss of someone they didn't know but I've always felt this odd sense of connection to Ledger and his movies. Everyone has one famous person they look up to. He was one of the main ones for me. I've always been a fan, and undoubtedly fond of his gorgeous features. If you recall, upon the separation of Heath and Michelle I joked that he was "all mine" again. I still can't get over it. He was just too young and too talented to die so soon. He will be missed by all his family, friends, and fans alike. I love you Heath, forever!

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